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The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The Astrology Code

For the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

In Aquarius

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius happens on July 27th at 4 degrees.

This powerful eclipse is triggering a code that is all about totally releasing what no longer serves you and completely breaking down your old, outdated ways of being and thinking. Because it involves both the Sun (your Inner Light and Public Self) and the Moon (your Private Self) the eclipse’s energy will be rewiring your mental patterns and recreating you as a being in new, innovative ways going forward.

And, you will be seeking your freedom in sudden and exciting ways on the deepest levels that are being grounded into reality.

If your Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign is in Aquarius or Cancer( the Moon rules Cancer) get ready because you are going to really feel like you are releasing everything, completely wiping the slate clean, and beginning a whole new chapter in your life.

The key for Aquarius and Cancer to successfully integrate this powerful total lunar eclipse is to go with the flow and embrace the changes coming your way with a positive attitude and mindset.

There is also a very optimistic and beneficial aspect that will give everyone a joyful boost during the eclipse. Jupiter the Great Benefactor planet is in Scorpio (which rules financial security) at 13/4 degrees during the eclipse. This means Jupiter will be expanding and transforming your financial security in genius and beneficial ways that will be grounded into reality going forward!

The Numerology Code for the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

There is an incredible triple 9 code being ignited during the eclipse! The total lunar eclipse is happening on a 9 day, on a 9 Universal day, and in a 9 Universal Month.

The major theme for the numerology code is Release, Release, Release.

You will be letting go of what no longer serves you in every area of your being.

The number 9 represents the Wise, Compassionate Leader & Humanitarian who holds all the knowledge of the 8 numbers that came before it.

9 is the highest number in the Creativity/Self Expression Triade and represents the Romantically Inspired Artist.

During the eclipse you will need to guard against 9’s shadow side and being






*close minded



*Pessimistic about the world & your future

The eclipse is happening on July 27th.

The number 27 represents the One Who Is Blessed With Harmony & Excellence Through Command & Authority.

27 is all about courage, love, power, & giving to others with no thought of getting something in return.

During the eclipse you will need to guard against 27’s shadow side and being




*critical of others

The eclipse is happening at 4 degrees.

The number 4 represents Grounding Your

Highest Heart’s Desires Into Reality.

4 is all about being organized, building, and making plans. So you may decide to get completely organized in every area of your life going forward.

During the eclipse guard against the number 4’s shadow side and being


*resisting change




*closed minded

If you start to feel the shadow side of 27, 9 or 4 bubbling up within you immediately stop whatever you are doing and do something creative. This could be a quick five minute break to draw, color, dance, or sing if you are at work. If you can take as much time as you like I suggest working on a creative project or do an activity that will re-awaken your romantic stirrings to break the shadow’s negative pattern of behavior and get you back to your center and inner light.