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The Perfect Summer Day

Today was one of those rare picture perfect days of summer on the East Coast. It was a sunny hot day with white puffy clouds floating along with a cool breeze in a crystal blue sky. It was the kind of day that beckoned you outside for some fun in the sun. I heeded the call and headed to a section of the Rivanna Trail near downtown Charlottesville, VA.

This part of the Rivanna Trail is right across from the future home for the McIntire Botanical Garden. The trail is a beautiful hike through a forested area that shows you glimpses of a stream and part of the Rivanna river as you meander along its gentle path. I watched several varieties of birds and butterflies play in the wildflowers and trees. Enjoying the cool breeze I took in as much of nature as I could as I set out on my meditative walk.

The walk this afternoon allowed me to reconnect with nature, engage in one of my passions-nature photography, and invigorated my soul. Listening to the birds chirp and the wind rustling through the meadow was exactly what I needed. Sometimes you have to get out of the meditation room and off the yoga mat and go into nature. When you go into nature you are reminded that it is the best place to meditate, center yourself, and become one with All That Is.

As modern beings living in a technology driven society we have to take advantage of beautiful days whenever we can. It is in these moments we are reminded like everything on Earth we came from nature and benefit greatly from spending time in nature. It is a simple remedy-if you want to feel rejuvenated, revived, and renewed head into nature. After all, it was the great naturalist Henry David Thoreau who said, "I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

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