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Hello June and Jumping for Joy with Venus Trining Jupiter and Neptune!

Hello June!

The Numerology Code for the Month

June is a 17/8 Universal Month. This is an incredible numerology code to have as the Universal Month! The 17/8 numerology code powerful ignites a wealth, abundance, leadership, and leaving a lasting legacy vibration that you will be attuned to all month long,

17 represents the Star of the Magi and Leaving a Lasting Legacy in numerology.

8 represents Infinity and Abundance in numerology. Which means you are the Master Architect of your life, you create the life want to live, you manifest abundance in all its forms. You are the light that connects Heaven and Earth.

June is all about you attracting Abundance and Wealth.

You will be taking the lead and taking action on your goals, projects, and creating your ideal life.

By aligning your career with your life purpose, destiny, unique wealth code, and true self you will leave a lasting legacy.

Now is the time to get excited about your life, discover new passions, take action, and bring more joy and exciting opportunities into your life with the 17/8 Universal Month code.

Venus Trining Jupiter and Neptune

One of the most important and beneficial astrology aspects of the year happened earlier today!

Venus (the planet of Love, Finances, and Beauty) opposite the Moon (Your Inner Self) formed a trine (a highly fortunate triangle) with Jupiter (the planet of Wealth, Joy, Wisdom, and Good Fortune) and Neptune (the Spirituality, Imagination, and Longevity planet) today igniting an incredible and bountiful code of


*Raising your spirituality




*Pleasure seeking





Venus and Jupiter are the two Benefactor planets in astrology. When these two planets join together it is always a great blessing. The two planets are gifting you with wealth and lots of amazing opportunities to expand your romantic life, knowledge, and abundance.

While the Moon's influence makes you feel this rich, inspiring energy on a the deepest level within you. And because Jupiter is a part of this transit the opposition between Venus and the Moon is a positive and highly fortunate one!

Last but certainly not least loving Neptune is raising you to new spiritual heights, increasing your imagination, and adding longevity to the entire astro-numerology code!

What better way to start the 17/8 Universal Month than with one of the most important celestial events of the year having the two planets that rule abundance and wealth ( also ruled by the number 8 in numerology) and the planet that rules longevity (also ruled by the number 17 in numerology). Thank you Universe for beautifully merging the numerology and astrology codes together in such a prosperous way for the month of June!

Have a prosperous and beautiful June!

Conswella Joyce

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