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The Good Fortune and Bountiful Full Moon in Sagittarius

Conswella Joyce

Star Astro-Numerologist


​The Full Moon in Sagittarius

happens on May 29th, 2018

at 8 degrees.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is

a very special celestial event.

This Full Moon is rewarding you with

abundance, joy, and a bounty of good fortune

that will last for a very long time, thanks to

Neptune (the Longevity planet) and

Jupiter (the Great Benefactor planet).

You are entering a powerful,expansive,and beneficial

period that will be incredible!

So let's get right into it.


​The Numerology Code

for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon occurs at 8 degrees

on the 29th day and on a

9 Universal Day.

29 represents being a master of relationships

and compassion.

29 reduces to the master number 11.

We are also in an 11 Universal Year so

there is a magnification of the number 11

during the Full Moon.

A double 11 Enlightened Leader/Psychic Master

confidently walking into the unknown code

is being igniting within you!

The number 8 represents infinity,

abundance, and leadership.

You will be manifesting wealth and

your leadership qualities in an expansive

and highly beneficial way because

of Sagittarius and the number 8.

9 represents the wise, compassionate

leader who holds the knowledge of the 8

numbers that came before it.

9 is all about letting go of what no longer serves

you to make room for new ways of being.

Full Moons are powerful motivators for

letting go of what no longer serves you to make way

for new ways of being.

Which means you will feel this theme in a powerful way.

The great news is that with joyful Sagittarius on center stage

during the Full Moon

you will be blessed with its positive energy

to help easily sweep away old and outdated

*ways of being

*past events that keep playing over

and over again in your mind

*old ways of manifesting wealth and abundance.

This beneficial effect will ignite new ways

of creating wealth and being an

abundant leader going forward.


​The Astrology Code for the

Full Moon in Sagittaurius

The Full Moon is in the

Great Benefactor sign of Sagittaurius.

And, the Sun is in the

Communication and the Mind sign of Gemini.

Your mind will be illuminated, ignited, and expansive

for the next six weeks.

You will be able to delve deeply into

any subject for the next six weeks.

If your Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign

is in Sagittarius then you will benefit

greatly from this highly fortunate

Full Moon.

Your opportunities, good fortune, wisdom,

and joy are receiving an incredible

boost of energy and will be expanding.

So keep your eyes and intuition open

for the new opportunities and good fortune

coming your way!

And, Uranus (the Innovation planet)

which just entered Taurus

during the New Moon on May 15th

will be at zero degrees in the

10th House of Careers and Recognition

during the Full Moon.

This is an amazing addition to the

astrology code because zero is special

in numerology!

Zero represents All That Is

and divinely protects you.

What this means is that

you are starting exciting,new beginnings

in your career and have the protection

of the Divine and any new beginnings or sudden changes

ignited by Uranus will be stable and secure with

practical Taurus working with Uranus.

This ensures you will reap rewards and bonuses

as you go into your new career or

begin a new opportunity in your

existing career.

So if you have been thinking about going into a new

career or doing something innovative in your

existing career, the Universe is telling you

that you are divinely protected and

will benefit greatly as you

take that risk or say yes to something new

in your career path.


​The Sacred Geometry

Happening During the Full Moon

in Sagittarius

A powerful Grand Water Triangle

is being formed during the Full Moon!

It will usher in a blissful transformative, beautifully

spiritual, and long lasting effect in your life.

The Grand Triangle is pointing to Neptune

(the Spirituality planet)

in its home sign of Pisces with

Mercury ( the Mind planet) in Cancer,

and Jupiter ( Sagittarius' ruling planet!)

in Scorpio completing the Grand Water Triangle.

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are all

Water signs in astrology.

The Water signs represent a fluid,

mutable, and easily changeable energy.

A Grand Triangle activates you to learn

lessons quickly and easily.

You will be learning beneficial and bountiful

skills very quickly so that you can achieve

your highest heart's desires, goals,

life purpose, and financial stability that

will last a very long time thanks to

Neptune also being the Longevity planet.

And, you will receive a major boost

in your imagination and creativity going forward.

What more could you ask for!

So soak up this inspiring, blessed, and

rewarding Full Moon in Sagittarius energy!

Wishing you a blissful, wealth expanding, and divinely protected adventure of letting go and confidently walking into the unknown Full Moon in Sagittarius!

Conswella Joyce

Spiritual Psychologist

Star Astro-Numerologist

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