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The New Moon in Taurus- A Code of Love in New & Magical Ways is Beginning for You!

By Conswella Joyce


The New Moon in Taurus

happens on May 15th, 2018

at 24 degrees.

This New Moon will be highly fortunate,

abundant, and will raise the level

of joy, adventure, and love in your life!

A code of love in new and magical

ways is beginning for you.


​The Astrology Code for the

New Moon in Taurus​

There is a significant and exciting

astrology event happening during

the New Moon in Taurus.

This powerful shift is occurring with Uranus one of the slower

moving planets in our solar system which

is why it is a significant event.

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th

and will be there for the next 8 years!

Uranus is the planet that rules



*breaking down old systems

*new beginnings

*exciting shifts,changes



Taurus rules:

*Your finances

*Your values

*Your love life





*Enjoying the pleasures in life

Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus

ignites beneficial changes and exciting shifts

in the following areas:

*Your finances

*Redefining yourself

*Your love life

*How you seek the pleasures that life has to offer


*Your belief systems

If your Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign

is in Taurus or Aquarius you will benefit most

from Uranus being in Taurus for the next 8 years.

Both signs will be reaping the exciting and bountiful rewards

that come with the innovative,new,

and swift changes from Uranus

that will be secured and grounded by Taurus'

practical and stable energy.

This is reassuring news for Taurus and Aquarius

that they will enjoy and feel safe taking risks

and beginning new adventures as

exciting changes come into their lives.

This is truly an inspiring

and beautiful relationship happening

between Uranus and Taurus.

So all you Taurus and Aquarius babies

start right now and take full advantage

of this incredible astrology code

for the next 8 years!


The Numerology Code

for the New Moon in Taurus​

The numerology code is all

about love, romantic partnership,

and transformation through love and joy.

First, May 15th happens on a 13 Universal day

at 24 degrees and these three numbers are

special numbers in numerology creating

a powerful and magical numerology code.

15 represents the Spiritual Alchemist

who creates her highest heart's desires

and is a Messenger of Joy.

13 is the Goddess number and represents

transformation. The number 13 is

ruled by Venus which is also the ruling planet

for the sign of Taurus and is the Goddess of Love.

24 represents the Romantic Partner who

is a magnet for love; attracting

a balanced, adventurous, and loving partnership.

The number 24 is a master at knowing

exactly what her partner needs to live

a happy and successful life.

15 and 24 reduce to the number 6.

6 is the number of love,

being of service to others,


is the Cosmic Parent in numerology.

13 reduces to the number 4.

4 is the practical, organized planner

who grounds her goals and dreams into reality.

You are forging new, transformative ground in

*your finances

*what you want in a romantic partner

*how you will meet your romantic partner

*your self image

*your security

*your belief systems


*how you follow your joy

that will be grounded into reality

in exciting, secure, and practical ways

that will last a long time.

This is the perfect match to the previous

astro-numerology code for the Full Moon in Scorpio

where it was all about new beginnings and

transforming your career.

Now the code is focusing on the rest

of the major areas in your life.

So, embrace your freedom,

go with the flow,

and get inspired by the new adventures

you find yourself taking!

Wishing you freedom, new adventures, inspiring romantic partnership, and love on every level!

Conswella Joyce

Spiritual Psychologist

Star Astro-Numerologist

Life Coach

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